This may be TMI, but I guess that’s what this app is for. Does anyone experience sexual disfunction? I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I know it’s a side effect of hypothyroidism that I may have. Does it affect anyones ability to orgasm?


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  • SummerDust


    Me ! I'm not sure if it's my hypothyroid or my medication, but I've suspected it's my Lexapro. Are you on any specific meds ?

    • Dilemma


      I take levothyroxine for the thyroid and Zoloft for anxiety

      • Soskae


        it’s most likely the Zoloft. Antidepressant’s and anti anxiety more commonly affect your libido.

  • MadamKay


    I was begging to think I need anxiety meds. I often feel not in the mood. And just perfectly ok with cuddling

  • ConC3qnz


    If your level is off it will kill your sex drive

  • EddieMarkle


    Yes. Get your testosterone tested by endocrinology

  • PaintedNebula


    I have no libido, but I never really have. Now between the hypothyroidism, other conditions, and allll the meds, I have ZERO sexual desire. No thanks, none for me. I had to beg to have my hormones tested and it didn't show anything. I don't think they tested my testosterone, but if I bring up the libido thing they just talk to me about my meds and maybe trying to change them.

  • bbsjss


    I have almost 0 libido. I believe it's a side effect of the hypothyroidism. the problem with labs coming back "normal" is that what they consider to be normal number wise isn't necessarily the normal for everyone. I truly believe that they under medicate cuz everything is based off of numbers. when I first got on the meds, I was on a high dose and I felt fantastic from like 6 months. I had energy, I felt positive, didn't have as many mood swings. then I got labs done again and was told I was being over medicated. they lowered my meds and I have never felt good since. I'm always tired, wanting to sleep, moody, depressed, anxious. I go thru pretty much every mood all day long.

  • Mrs.Moody


    Me and my partner both have hypothyroidism. For him it affects the nerves down there to where sometimes it hurts when he orgasms and for me it's hard for me to get wet or get turned on at times

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