One day I was a normal mom, grandmother and wife, I had just returned from a 3week trip to Florida and North Carolina visiting family and helping out an Aunt who just had surgery. Then, home only 3 days, I had a cluster of 6 seizures, my heart stopped for 10seconds, and during the ER workup they found a meningioma, large thyroid nodule, multiple pelvic "lesions". I was transferred to a larger hospital and was asked how long I've known about my "brain tumor". Its been 3weeks now and I am still reeling and having further tests and procedures. Anyone else get hit with multiple issues at once?


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  • BraeburnGirl


    Yes! An MRI showed 4 issues in my brain, on top of multiple issues I have elsewhere in my body. It’s a lot to deal with, I know. All you can do is cope with it one day at a time. In my brain, I had a meningioma, an arachnoid cyst, and empty sella syndrome, caused by high intracranial pressure. They removed the tumor and installed a shunt to help relieve the pressure. The cyst I can just live with for awhile I guess. In between the two brain surgeries, which were two months apart, I had two spinal surgeries to help relieve severe sciatic pain. Yeah, four surgeries in four months, what a treat! I think my “diagnosis list” is up to 17 conditions now or something like that. My friend who is in the same boat and I joke about it all the time. It’s the way we cope with it. Please feel free to reach out directly if I can be of help. I’m happy to share experiences, provide a shoulder or an ear as needed, or just be a sounding board.

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