My psychiatrist keeps adding meds instead of replacing. I pushed back and want some of them removed and now he wants to be an asshole about it all.

Bipolar Disorder


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  • Weets


    I've been thru several docs until I finally found a good one.

  • Agradine


    Remember they work for you. You can fire and hire at will.

  • Anthony70


    Yeah I had a dr @ 1 time & she completely wanted me to go cold turkey on the clonazepam- so I told her off then said I want another dr & got a different one

  • Kt33


    I've had so many Dr's and I've been put on so much medication that I hate taking them so much that I literally get sick to my stomach when it's time to take them. So I know how you feel. But there's no limit on how many timesDr's. Can change drs.

  • Fairydust


    They are drug pushers they will do that

  • Reallyhopeful


    You have every right to hire a new one! Never keep a bad doctor of any kind! They work For YOU!

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