Hello! Does anyone with BPD have different selves? Not different personalities. For example, Tina A is "normal" me; Tina B is ragey, irritable, angry, mean me; Tina C is depressy, down, feels worthless; Tina D (a new one recently) experiences heightened levels of paranoia and hallucinations, and has much darker thoughts.

Related question: does anyone with these different selves tend to forget things that were said or that happened while different selves are present? Often, I will have an entire conversation with my partner as, say, Tina C, then while being Tina B, I have absolutely no recollection.


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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • vanelomi


    yes!! during conversations with my friends i often used to use the term “moody vanessa” or “positive vanessa” “normal vanessa” and never really new the term. i’ve looked into multiple personalities but i never really clicked with the definitions. I feel like calling it different selves fits in more with me.

  • Jibbob


    Yes I have all different people that I see in hallustions

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