This is the last time I'm gonna open my mouth about anything because I am the one that gets in trouble at work just for witnessing an altercation between 2 people. FML!


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  • InsidiousAnomaly

    54d why did you get in trouble? Because you snitched or provided a witness statement? That's screwed up.

    • SuperB28


      I told the supervisor so it didn't escalate any further

      • InsidiousAnomaly


        that's retaliation/harrasment. Can HR or higher (like corporate or district level depending on work sector) be involved/contacted if it does escalate. I know it all depends on the work-type/industry/sector and how small/big company is and their standard operating procedures. If the two people who were "altercating" are retaliating or harrassing you for doing the good thing by getting someone higher up to stop the altercation. Same with the supervisor (or really others) who are retaliating or harrassing you could get them in trouble i feel with the labor board. At my old job we had an Anonymous tipline for things like this both a phone number and more recently a website (which I found the more anonymous of the two). If you are able to i would report the If your workplace does, it is useful if you can use the web form (over just a phone number or email), I used it once to turn a coworker in for drinking a malt alcohol product on their lunch break out in the open but covertly. I recognised the can because I enjoy it off clock off premises. Used the web form and chose to remain anon/not directly involve. Only reason I chose to snitch anon to begin with as they drove lift machinery on their job, and turns out they got fired over several things so my alcohol report was the nail on the coffin so to speak.

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