hello I've been dealing with depression and anxiety my whole entire life. Nothing seems to help me. I got scary news in 2020 about back problem to find out I have AVM of the spine and a dural artevenious fistula on my spinal cord. I had surgery oct 2020 to remove the fistula but didn't succeed. Went back June 2021 to stabilize my back with rods and screws. Since this finding and the back surgeries I have not been myself and have lost lots of ambition, motivation, energy, and wanting to do things and adult in this life cuz of what I've been going through. Nothing changes nothing helps. all I want to do is hide in my house and sleep. I have three kids. 12, 5, and 4. I feel so bad that I can't even want to function to enjoy life with them and do things. it gets to me every day. tears come everyday and I try so hard to push through it all just so I can be there for my kids and enjoy life and enjoy them. I still to this day haven't found anything that will help me get through these slumps

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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