This isn’t much of a question. But I just feel the need to speak on my condition SPECIFICALLY. The scientific labeling is “Pink’s Disease” or “Acrodynia”, as a result of Mercury Vapor Poisoning. It was the only case in over 35 years, at the time. It’s a miracle I’m fully functional- But the cost of it.. It all took place when I was only 10 years old, Now almost 18, I’ve developed serious hinderance in my brain and body. I have a Dementia-like condition, that tapers from it, as a long term-result. And it sucks, because I cannot get proper treatment for it whatsoever, even when I go to the clinic or specialist’s office; 50-50 chance they’ll pull up a textbook online. Meaning I know more about it than they do. It’s disheartening, and I don’t exactly know if it’ll get worse (because it has been) and if it’s even worth trying anymore. I just wanted to put this here, in case anybody had any groundbreakers. Thank you to all who reads. I appreciate it.


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