Anyone with PCOS have been prescribed metformin ? I thought it was for diabetics, I don’t have diabetes. My doctor sent Metformin to my pharmacy after I was officially diagnosed with PCOS.

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  • inertplanetary


    It can help manage the side effects of PCOS in some people, particularly the weight gain and hirsutism, and guard against the development of type 2 diabetes, a risk with PCOS ❤️

  • Stargazer84


    Yes I was given metformin, but I didn't find it helpful with weight or other symptoms and wasn't offered any alternative treatments

  • Onda


    I started taking Metformin when I was first diagnosed a few years ago, and it helped me get my periods a bit more regularly. I didn’t see much of a change in my weight though. It stopped working for me after I got the covid vaccine for some reason, and I didn’t get my period for months. My dr took me off the meds and 6 days later I got my period! I had a decent stretch of time where I was getting my period every month own without it, but today I was prescribed it again since it’s been a few months.

  • honeybeegeo


    I had the same thoughts and was honestly pretty angry about it. BUT it absolutely did regulate my period! And I LOVE it because of that

  • Nix91


    I had it and I couldn’t tolerate it. Side effects were too much, it doesn’t help with weight. It did nothing for me whatsoever. So I’ve started to take chromium and that’s much better. It does the same thing as metformin regulate your blood sugar. But without the toileting side effects

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