I feel like I should try a new medication but I have severe medical anxiety and fear going to the doctor, I’m not sure what I should do :/ or how I should go about it

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • l_laurenthomas


    hey! this was a huge struggle for me before i got started on my prozac. for me, i realized how my anxiety was keeping me from living. i refused to leave the house, i wouldn’t eat due to my high stress levels, and i was just miserable. what meds are you on now?

  • fun


    honestly, it might help to call your doctor’s office and explain what’s going on. they can be aware of it and i’m sure they understand people having medical anxiety so they’ll know to be gentle with you - then they’ll help you set an appointment and be prepared to go in and talk it through

  • MissAl


    Telemed appointments are way less stressful for me, so I’d start with seeing if that’s an option. You absolutely need to talk through how you’re feeling, either with a therapist or your pcp. They should be there to help and hear you out as to why you feel this way about current meds and how you feel about changing. Some providers do take into account how long youve been on said med before considering changes to make sure youve adjusted. Some are quick to change based on you’re doing. Be honest and stand up for what you want. Mine kept tweaking dosage for a while until I told them I need to let all this level out before we change it again. I’m not fond of meds and mostly rely on medical marijuana, just my preference. But I didn’t get a decent dosage to get me through a rough patch, I just needed to ask them to slow down and let me be comfortable. I spoke up and they listened

  • i_like_big_mutts


    Telemed is definitely a great option if you have that available to you!

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