Heat and humidity causes me to be physically ill. Like, I can only take showers for very short periods of time before I get dizzy and nauseous. A friend mentioned it could be the hypothyroidism but I’m unsure. Has this or anything similar happen to anyone else?


Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

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  • HedonisticTendencies


    I also have hypothyroidism and this happens to me... I'm not quite sure how closely the two are related, however.

  • tiredofbs


    Depends on age and if other conditions are involved.

  • Therapy.Kat


    Could be POTS

  • em03


    I'm the same way with my hypothyroidism, i drive people crazy with how cold i have to be kept, which is weird cuz it says a side effect of hypo is being too cold! don't know if this is normal or related to hypo tho. what i do is keep as many fans on as possible and take cold/warm showers, you get used to it over time and will feel amazing after! hope this helps

  • Daylilydreamer


    If I take showers that are too hot then I become incredibly nauseated and start seeing stars. I never attributed it to my hypothyroidism but it’s worth considering.

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