Hi! I most recently got diagnosed with bipolar two and have a ton of questions. What was it like for you when you first got diagnosed? :)

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  • bambam01


    It gave me so much relief. I had been misdiagnosed by a child psychiatrist with major depressive disorder for five years, because she refused to re evaluate me. She said it wasn’t possible for me to have bipolar at a young age. (I was 14 at the time). She gave me many many SSRI’s throughout my highschool years, which obviously make bipolar worse, and it got to the point where she was like “Oh well, nothings working, I can’t help you anymore.” When I was finally re evaluated by a another psychiatrist, it was such a breath of fresh air. Knowing there’s so many different medications I could try that could work, therapists i could find that specialize in it, and the knowledge of being correctly diagnosed is so refreshing. Of course having bipolar 2 isn’t happy or a good thing at all, but it felt good to finally be diagnosed.

  • clayought


    When i got diagnosed, all my symptoms were so prevalent so it all made sense. During that time of my life, I felt like everything was out of my control & i just hated having to deal with people. Taking the meds and getting used to the side effects of them felt weird, but i was glad that my mania wasn’t out of control. I still experience symptoms of bipolar but i feel that meds have kind of “toned things down” in terms of having extreme of mania/depression.

  • route66


    i was relieved to finally know what was "wrong" with me. it was extremely helpful for me to get on meds that worked and ive become more self-aware/conscious of my decisions since.



    It was a bit of a relief to finally have the correct diagnosis after being misdiagnosis with depression for 5+ years.

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