im always tired im always sleeping. i think im using sleep to avoid that im so bored i dont know what i want to do and i dont have anyone right now to do anything i want with. it. sucks. i just use sleep to avoid everything cus im sick of doing so much hard work with myself im tired of it its hard. god i wish i was in high so i could redo it all. so i could be somewhere new than where im at now. i wish i made the change sooner. i wish my family were closer. i wish i kept uo with people from high school. i wish people liked me. i wish my mother wasnt crazy. i wish i had people texting me to actualky talk to me. i wish i didnt have to act like someone else to talk to someone. to make a connection. i wish i didnt make any mistakes. i wish i didnt make so many mistake


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  • peeka


    I've been where you are. To the point of hospitalization. Anti-depressants changed my whole life

  • Ninalynn05


    I honestly understand you. I really felt your pain, the only thing we don’t have in common is that I despise sleeping. I try to stay up as much as I can, But I lost my very well paying job, I lost my car, I can’t drive bc I got a DUI, and my mother and I haven’t talked in over a month bc she is also crazy and I can’t deal with her on top of my own issues. My husband tells me to make friends on Reddit with people who share the same interests as me. I have talked to 2 people on there and they seem nice but I think they just use me to talk about their issues, which is fine but for once I wish someone would ask me “how are you.” Text me if you want, you’re not as lonely as you think you are ❤️

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