i no longer want to work on a relationship with my sibling and

it kills me because she has this “i’m a nice person persona and good person energy” but her actions speak louder ..

i have help her over 100xs and don’t even expect anything in return .. because ofc she’s my sister … but she can not do anything for me UNLESS it involves her getting something out of it or .. convenient for her .. or it’s her bf.

it hurts me soo much to say this but i kind of hate her because i always wish the best in someone but she is a good example of why you shouldn’t.
she talks about how she wants to make effort in our relationship but there is soo much mental damage over the year that i don’t want it . i can’t do this shit anymore with her. i’m crying as i type this but no money or time after everything can fix our relationship that feels forced and unwelcoming.

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  • Lillu


    I've been there before. I'm going through it with my mother right now. Its hard when a family member puts everything else above you or pushes you aside for their own selfish gain

  • Lemontart


    Oh, hun. I've been there too. It's definitely hard. But If it hurts you let it go. Maybe in time things will change. Hoping for the best.

  • GoldenFume


    I'm in the same boat-ish. I should have the motivation to do so much and my output is so little. I should have every reason to be better than I am. There's just some sort of mental block I've been beating myself up over for quite awhile. The more time that passes it's hard to not think so horribly of myself. I understand both sides because I wouldn't be able to stand on either side. I just hope I fix it before the last person I feel like I really have in my life ends up feeling like you do. It's always a possibility.

    • GoldenFume


      A person is only built to handle so much. Everyone has their limits. I just hope things get better for ya

  • Keisha


    i’m kinda in the same boat as well. my brother basically disowned me after blowing up on me over a laugh reaction on facebook. he’s extremely unstable and delusional. sometimes it’s for the best.

  • Future_Dr._Zebra


    Sounds like you need to set clear boundaries that prioritize YOU first. You may need a good amount of space from your sister before you can even do this. And that is okay!! I’m sorry you’re in this toxic, imbalanced relationship dynamic. You deserve to be surrounded by REAL “good person energy” - which means equal input, random acts of compassion, and unconditional love.

  • itoldyou6


    There's only so much you can do if they're not also making an effort. Sometimes you need to develop a sense of apathy for your own mental health. If you believe that she is making a genuine effort to improve her relationship with you, you can make a decision. Until then, treat her as an acquaintance: be polite, but don't go out of your way for her. At this moment in time, trying to create a relationship with her is just going to make you suffer.

  • Bean69


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    • emptyy


      mental health is really important

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