Does anybody else feel like their medication isn’t doing anything? I have a hard time taking my meds regularly on a schedule because I simply don’t have any faith in them. I’ve been on pills for 6 years without any noticeable changes, and I feel like surgery is the only viable treatment for HS. Can anybody share experiences they’ve had where medication has helped them, or significantly reduced their conditions? I feel I’d be more inclined to take pills and use topicals if I heard it was working well for others.


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  • raspberries


    It depends on what the medication is itself. For example, due to the fact that i don't have access to my regular medication, I'm on Prednisone (a pill). It acts as temporary relief as long as I take it daily. But it doesn't really address the issue long-term and can have pretty gnarly side effects. It also stops working within 48 hours of me not taking it. My regular medication, Humira, is in the form of an injection and took ~6 months for the full effects to kick in. Topical creams never did much for me. I'd suggest talking with a doctor and talking about alternatives. Each medication is different and reacts differently to ones body. Researching the specific medication is super important! If you find your medication doesn't seem to be doing much, especially after taking it for so long, self advocacy and discussion with a medical professional is the way to go!

  • bomb


    i often wonder if my meds work or not

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