I’m new to GP. Just dx’d this month really. I’ve had a pic line before is that what started me down this road? What would be the best dietary advice I can get. I don’t see a nutritionist till July.


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  • 1stMayflowers


    Hi Rudy_sDaddy. I was dx'd about 5 days ago, so don't have any advice, but wanted to say hi, and I'm in same boat, waiting for a nutritionist appointment until late July.

  • Kygirl2022


    Eat soft foods that you don't have to chew. They digest better

  • four.sticks


    do as many soft/liquid foods as you can, if you eat fruits or veggies make sure they are very well cooked or pureed otherwise they might not digest too well. eat as many smaller meals as you are able rather than 3 big ones

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