Hi! I’m new to the mental health world and just started taking 100mg of Sertraline about 6 months ago. I’m unsure if it’s really working, I notice a change but maybe not a positive one. anyone else have any experience?






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  • XCxsmic.CalamityX


    Sertraline was the first medication that I started taking, I didn't really have any problems particularly with it other than it made me feel emotionless sometimes, but now I have severe depression and that med doesn't quite cut it anymore. I'm currently taking Venlafaxine (which is an MAOI instead of an SSRI, like sertraline is) with two mood stabilizers for my bipolar depression.

  • sh


    I started Sertraline back in Aug 2020, and found my temperament and overall mood to gradually deteriorate. I found myself getting random bursts of energy at the wrong times, and losing my temper at the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. My experience with this medication was a 1/10 (with 1 being down right awful). As of Jan 2022, Ive started Lexapro, and so far, the results significantly differ from Sertraline.

    • XCxsmic.CalamityX


      I had a mental breakdown on Lexapro, caused me to have a huge break in reality and I was hearing things and crying all day, so for me, Lexapro is a 1/10.

  • Becfox


    I got some of the side effects from Sertraline like the diarrhea and such, I always had to lower and raise my dosages in order to keep a balance with myself and I find I personally am better off without it, I hope it works better for you ^_^

  • LizaBear


    I get indigestion (the painful kind) and it's usually when I get out of the routine of taking it and start taking again. My BF thinks it's making me overly tired but I have other reasons for that. Other then those two, while I'm on it I guess my emotions feel pretty stable.

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