My family graciously offered to financially help me get detoxed from mold. It's been a complete shit show. Today, after I finally got to see a Functional Medicine Dr this week, they decided I need to start all over with a PCP to diagnose me with a mold allergy and to get a Mycotoxin test. I have already seen 5 PCP type Drs who all gaslit me and said there is no such thing as mold toxicity. My family also said they refused to help me buy any more binders for mold at this time. I have purchased all of my own supps until now. I've been in bed 6 months inflamed and sick. I am so glad I don't have depression right now but I do have mold rage and I'm pretty PO. Nobody understands.

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    Sorry,it really is not fun to have mold toxicity and problems on top of that! It is real,I have a friend who had to have a lung transplant after finding their beautiful home was filled with mold from living on th we beach. I will keep you in my thoughts!

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    May I ask what your symptoms are? Mold toxicity is very real!!! I have been exposed for years in a bedroom that floods everytime it rains with no means to move... 😥 I think after years of being exposed, the mold has really damaged my health. I have developed multiple vitamin deficiencies and POTS like symptoms. I think mold is a big contributer to my declining heath.

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