my panic attacks get bad and ill make myself pass out. does anyone have anyways to help control them

Panic Disorder

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  • SantanaRuth


    I like to do breathing techniques sometimes when mine are bad. It doesn't work for everyone but it'd worth a try. Also meditation and/or tapping technique.

  • MandaPanda83


    For me, I find it helps to blast my a/c and sit with my face right in it while breathing deeply. The chill kind of helps shock your system and resets me a bit.

    • Yuka


      AC helps me too 🙌

  • Weds


    I’ve found that any grounding technique helps with panic attacks. The obvious one being take deep breaths so you don’t pass out. Other than that I like to hold ice in my hand or wash my hands with cold water and try to breathe.

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