I’m not sure if the it’s the impulsivity/need for dopamine of ADHD, seeking energy to manage fatigue, and/or my period making me hungry as heck. But I just want to eat EVERYTHING. What can I do to make sure I’m nourishing my body and giving it what it actually needs, instead of mindlessly snacking?

It’s a tough battle every day trying to decide if I’m looking to stim by eating or I actually need more food because my body is working harder right now.


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  • LadyRaceCarDriver


    What types of snacks do you normally eat?

  • A_Delicate_Flower


    Protein/meal replacement shakes might help. Also eating mindfully. It's hard, it's a practice. It means you still everything when you're eating and pay attention to what you're eating and the feeling of the chewing and swallowing etc. Every bite like that into it's done. It's a practice so be easy on yourself at first. Mindfulness can be hard at first but you might even figure out your motivation for eating over time!

  • MatchaBunn


    I’ve been eating more carb-related foods as snacks; like Cheerios, popcorn, chips. I like things that I can realistically eat a lot of without it being too heavy. I also try to eat fruits instead of chocolate or candy, but if there is any sweet in the house, I think I end up eating it at some point. Last night I ate cold leftovers from dinner, because I figured the protein and starch (it was pork chops and butternut squash) would be filling in a way the snacks were not.

  • CmcC


    I've had this issue before and it's definitely about finding what works for you (trial and error). I found that cooking a little extra when making main meals is helpful so I can snack on something filling if I get hungry in-between meals! Also drinking lots of water helps keep my hands busy so I don't have the need to grab the snack bag 😊

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