I have had some issues getting used to my CPAP machine. Primary issue is stuffy nose. Would like to know how you managed it?

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  • orangutan


    Use saline nose spray. I do before I put it on and when I wake up

  • Ribbit


    Saline spray helps. Try adjusting your humidity levels as well. Eventually my body got used to it.

  • Pix1


    I use a full face mask, so I don't need to worry about breathing out of my nose as much.

  • Vail22


    Use air purifier in your bedroom. I use one by Air doctor to free room of air contaminants like dust mites, pet dander, etc. I use a nose cushion so mouth is not enclosed. I use Ion sinus support spray and not Nasonex or Flonase. Clean pillow cases weekly and dust covers on your pillows underneath pillow case. There is an adjustment period to Cpap. Also the flow rate can be adjusted.

  • Bearnh


    Thank you all for the suggestions. ๐Ÿ™ I use the saline solution. Breath-right and the Air doctor sound like great ideas

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