Hello everyone! I’ve been in therapy for awhile now for anxiety and PTSD and my therapist suggested I explore the medication route. I’ve been on medication before but nothing really worked for me. I just had to suffer through side effects just to not have medication work. I’m really nervous and have anxiety about starting again. I would really appreciate experiences and advice with medication and if they have helped you. Also if anything besides medication has worked for you I’d love to hear about it! :)


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  • depressedunicorn


    So I'm on setraline abilify and buspurone for my depression and anxiety and I don't feel like the abilify is doing anything but I've noticed a difference with the other two. Lately I have been going to a natural doctor and I've been on supplements to balance out my mental stuff and I've found the supplement depreloft EXTREMELY helpful it's available online if you are interested I take 2 twice a day

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