hello, I was wondering if anybody has free game recommendations? my special interest is Minecraft and it's hard to play things that aren't kinda like it. but Minecraft isn't an option till I get my new computer so does anybody have good game recommendations? I like tycoons and simulators too but it's hard to keep playing them after a few days, they get boring quick

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  • Jonesy


    Merge mansion? Tapped out? My Universe? Purrfect tale? Animal Restaurant? Match masters? Homescapes? Wordscapes? TheOdd1sOut?

  • hmm


    idk what gaming devices u might have but i likes animal crossing a lot because it reminded me of minecraft! it just has more interaction with characters but other than that it's really similar :)

  • hmm


    oh also there's pocket minecraft that you can get on your phone! i think it's like $10 though

  • stormithegay


    @hmm I do have pocket minecraft but I'm not a huge fan of playing it on my phone. And I do love animal Crossing so maybe I'll start playing that again :>

  • RxtPxnk


    id recommend roblox it has similar blocky feel but a variety of games

  • Jadie


    Stardew valley! I love it so much and the creator is coming out with a second game similar to it. Youre a farmer with a bunch of quests and unique characters to befriend. Has a lovely art style and soothing music. Its not like minecraft but there are plenty if things to do in the game to keep you busy with fun rewards.

  • kokokitten


    if you have animal crossing then definitely i would get back into it! i also agree with stardew valley, it’s similar in some ways but uniquely different and cool!

  • stormithegay


    Update: I have stardew valley and I absolutely love it! Thank y'all :)

  • BergamotBoi


    i know this is late but another game you could play is Sky: Children of the Light. Its my current hyperfixation; its a fairly freeroam game with beautiful visuals and you can choose whether or not you interact with people! i highly recommend it!

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