Has anyone ever had Botox due to Chronic migraines,if so how did it go for you? I have one coming in May.


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  • Jujubean


    I have it every 12 weeks. It helps keep mine a a tolerable level.

  • Sunshine_Sue


    My best friend gets Botox and it works great for her. She gets very little migraines.

  • Honesty


    I have a friend in CA... She does that and she thinks it's great.

  • Chronically_Manette


    Yes I do and it has worked wonders

  • AngieGzz


    Botox alone has never helped me. I suffer daily chronic migraines, trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia . I also take monthly home injections of Aimovig and even at that the migraine is only from a I’m dying 10 to a 6 i feel horrible but better then a 10. I also take. Nurtec when it comes on strong. I try to stay away from foods that cause inflammation or any foods that cause migraines as much as possible.im in a dark room, light brings it on. Ice packs help temporary. I use my massager for a little while. Trust me, dr’s and i have tried a lot of meds.the best way is stay away from any foods that cause inflammation or cause migraines

  • Beachlover


    I've had two treatments now and to be honest its difficult to say how much it has "helped". That might be because I also started taking Nurtec at about the same time. I've noticed some reduction in the intensity of the attacks but still seem to have them as frequently... My back story is, I've had migraines for 12 years now. They started right after my heart surgery for mitral valve prolapse repair. Never had a migraine before that. I've tried every med they can think to throw at you and have had peridixical reactions to most.

  • Beachlover


    Tightrope, I truly hope you are one of the ones that Botox is a complete success story for.

  • Pannika


    Botox helps- and at the same time, it can make things worse for the first few days right after the injections for me. If that happens, just wait it out- things will get better.

  • PruneyHam


    I do it while also taking Emgality montly as a preventative. Botox alone only helped decrease severity a bit, but together the frequency has also reduced. For me it's 31 injections on the forehead, scalp, base of the skull and top of your shoulders. The most painful for me are base of the skull and scalp above my ears. Also takes a few days to start feeling the "tightening" from it. I hope it helps!!

  • LilyUnicorn


    I have tried the Botox shots got no relief. Still have migraines 8 to 10 on the pain scale every day.

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