Is it possible for bipolar disorder to lay “dormant”. If that’s the cause how can I tell when it’s creeping back?

Bipolar Disorder


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  • Beeble


    well episodes aren't guaranteed to happen all the time! sometimes I'll have periods of normalcy, just watch for the signs and stay healthy :)

    • A_Goth_Moth


      that makes a lot of sense, because I was struggling through 2019-2021 but then one day it just stopped. Don’t know how to describe it.

      • Beeble


        thats not unheard of! you're totally valid! :)

  • Ambreeon


    Yes. There are periods I go a long time without symptoms. When a manic episode comes back for me, it's usually triggered by something.

  • taconado


    Absolutely. Sometimes I feel “normal,” but it’s so easy to be suddenly in a depressive or normal state after awhile. Feeling baseline for once can feel like you’re unwarranted in having bipolar, or like you’re faking it. It’s not necessarily a one or the other type of deal.

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