Sometimes I feel like nothing is going to make how I feel better. I don't care how others think of me besides my husband and kids. My sleep pattern is so off and I can't take sleep meds because I have a 3 year old I have to listen for. I feel crappy about myself and never have the energy but to take care of my littles and sometimes that feels like a chore. I don't even take in what things my husband or sister n law talk to me about because I just don't care. I wish that I could get out of this funk and feel better about myself but I've felt down for so long that anything I have tried or people trying to talk to me and me vent to them definitely doesn't help. I want to be more happy and not ALWAYS feel like I am drowning.


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  • lmh123


    Everything will be ok

  • lindywoo


    i definitely can’t rlly be talking in this situation because i am still young and don’t have a husband or kids, but when i am struggling with my depression i love to take breaks to just relax and it really helps. it might be hard to relax with kids but have you tried going on a ladies trip vacation with your girlfriends or just a relaxing vacation for jsut you and your husband. I think it would really help out with the stress and anxiety and it would relax you. i hope this helps!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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