I hate my hEDS and just Eds in general. My legs have been hurting more and so have my back since July. My mom won’t listen and I can bearly survive school because of all the stairs. I want to use a mobility aid for it and I’m gonna try to tell her tommrow :)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)


Abdominal Distention

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)


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  • sven2


    i know how this is😭 mine gets so bad sometimes i seriously can't go upstairs and i recently got a compression brace for my knees so there's some kind of support.

  • Snap.Crackel.Pop


    Does your school have an elevator? I had to use it on my bad days when I was in school

    • morgan_disabled


      yes but the elavator doesn’t even help

  • Mickey1210


    I’m sorry you’re going through this it’s rough. Maybe try looking up you tube videos of people who have Eds and use mobility aids to help you’re parents understand

  • Shy_Skittles


    I struggle with my Eds pain all of the time, I need some relief. I can’t work because of it.

  • MJ17


    I use platform crutches and AFO braces. It was hard to get my mom to understand because she doesn’t want to accept that I’m disabled. Just keep advocating for tourself

  • Atusin


    I hope the talk with her went well! there is no shame in using mobility aides.

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