Anyone know how to deal with preparing for college? I’m dorming and it’s about a 2hr drive from home but idk how to drive. I’m extremely anxious for college and don’t even feel like going anymore because of how terrified I am to go there on my own. The only comforting thing is the chance to roommate with a friend of mine.

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  • Swimmingturtle4


    College is overwhelming but it's easy to get used to and fall into fun and a routine if you k ow people. So it's good that your friend will be there! If there is anyone that can help you move up to college and into your room I recommend that. Also there are lots of videos telling you what dorms and college life is like to let you know what to expect

  • junitree


    exploring new rhings can definitely be very stressful. to help w/ prepping for college, bringing a few of the personal items you cherish the most from home can help! in your dorm, it's the place that you get to decorate, so emphasize on colors that bring you the most comfort. also making sure to stay in contact (either via text, call, or meeting up) with family and friends will contribute to creating a homely feel. depending on the clubs/groups your college has, you can join similar/the same ones you did in high school (if you were in some)

  • justpeachyqueen


    Just know that everyone else feels the same way so you’re not alone! See if your college has support groups or offers therapy for anxiety. Find the places you feel comfortable on campus and don’t push yourself too hard to experience everything at first. Bring some things that remind you of home (pictures, blankets, etc) so help you feel more relaxed in your dorm. Be honest with yourself, roommates, teachers, etc if you’re struggling. And know that you can always leave if you feel you have to!

  • Missleading


    Starting college was one of the most stressful points of my life, and I think it is for most people (whether they admit it or not!). Your feelings are 100% valid, and I would suggest to take things one at a time, so that you can do what you need to prepare for college without feeling overwhelmed 🫶🏼 once in college i would recommend trying to stick to some sort of routine in order to make the adjustment period easier. You got this!! 👍 💕 Also, everyone’s college journey and experience is different so try not to compare you and your progress to that of others :)

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