Who out there is seeing any improvement of long hauler/long covid symptoms? How many months have you had the symptoms? Does anyone have suggestions about work options or accommodations? Is everyone able to go back to an in office setting or how did you find a stable remote position? Did anyone have issues with their work accommodating remote work?

Inflammatory & Toxic Neuropathy



Fibromyalgia (FM)

Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Tachycardia



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  • bknyspoonie


    Hi there! I contracted covid during the first wave in the US (April 2020) and while I am still dealing with some ailments that long covid caused for me, I have finally seen a great deal of improvement with my main covid symptoms. My breathing has massively improved (I had to go through months of speech and breath therapy to relearn to talk and breathe properly after a great deal of damage was done to esophagus/nerve damage in surrounding areas) and my heart rate is finally generally within a normal range. For some context- the first year or so my oxygen level would drop as low as 72% and heart rate would be in the high 130’s, and now my oxygen level is never below 95, and heart rate usually doesn’t go over about 115. So that’s a ton of progress! That being said, my fatigue is still very debilitating. It could certainly be from my fibromyalgia or small fiber neuropathy, but I didn’t have either of those before covid and my doctors attribute them to me having had the virus as severely as I did. I am still frequently bedridden for long periods of time, and therefor I personally haven’t been able to return to work. My symptoms are too unpredictable for me to feel like I could be a reliable employee. Sometimes I will have a couple of weeks where I’m starting to get some strength back, then get hit with another wave of symptoms that knock me right back down. It has been an extremely long and slow process, but progress has been made, and I’m hopeful that it will continue to move in that direction. May I ask what lingering symptoms you are still currently dealing with? Has it been consistent or do you still randomly develop new ones? Long covid is so bizarre and tricky like that. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this nightmare of an illness too, and I’m sending you tons of love and healing power! You are far from alone in this💜

  • Starry_Songbirds


    Hi there!! I truly appreciate you so much. Thank you so much for sharing that with me, I am feeling a bit of hope just hearing that someone else going through the same thing knows what I’m taking about! So glad you have made that much progress. I’m thinking I have some chronic illnesses from the virus and high fevers too… did you have to do blood work to confirm or how did you find out you had fibromyalgia? Very similar to what you’re saying, my symptoms seem to fluctuate so heavily it’s hard to plan from day to day. I’m trying to navigate working with it and it’s feeling nearly impossible sometimes. Are you in any kind of Short term disability from your work or anything like that? My symptoms have continued to change or increase over time. Major breathing issues, but tests don’t show lung damage. Daily vomiting & constant mucus all day & night. Hair loss, fatigue, memory issues, limb swelling, body pain, neuropathy, strange painful sensations at random, eye sight issues, migraines, changes from having no taste/smell. Have them back now but certain taste preferences are different now & don’t feel my smell is as good. Major issues sleeping. Those are just a few, there are more symptoms. 😥 do you ever struggle with others believing how sick you feel? Bc it fluctuates ppl don’t understand it. I’m so glad to not feel alone in this 🙏

  • Zoey_Val


    Hi there - I had Covid in August of 2020 and my long Covid symptoms began in October of 2020. I noticed that by November 2021 (about a year later) my symptoms had gotten a bit better and more manageable. However I recently got Covid for the second time in January of 2022 and it seems like I am starting all over again. I was diagnosed with tachycardia (high heart rate) but no treatment. As well as seb derm (scalp inflammation and hair loss). I also relate to the nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting, sleep problems. It makes every day a struggle and I hope that you and everyone battling this finds some relief soon ❤️

  • Xiuli


    I agree! The unpredictability of it is staggering and confusing. It seems like once I am dealing with and healing from one symptom, another one hits. It has been a struggle for me and hard to stay optimistic. But, I will not give up, and I hope that you all will continue to heal and find answers 🙏♥️☀️

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