What are some common symptoms of POTS and how can I know if I'm experiencing them?

acute lethargy

Chronic Tachycardia

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Feeling of choking

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  • Sabe


    You will def start to learn your body like the back of your hand. The only difference is when your about to faint and no warning sign before hand or as I would say not feeling anything on a scale of 1-10 I can always tell if it’s bad enough I’ll start having brain fog and can’t drive my body is fatigue and exhausted I am sore in my muscles or more so exhausted in my bones and muscles. I have flare ups and that starts like a viral infection my skin exposes reactions from mast cell disorder and then I start antibiotics. I feel my whole body is out of wack when it all flares up. After years of going through the cycles you will learn your body and what’s coming ahead before hand

  • Sabe


    You’ll also have severe cold spells we here you can’t get warm and that from bp dropping

  • cellar


    i highly recommend getting one of those finger pulse ox thingies to carry around with you, then you can measure ur bpm when you feel symptoms i’d say my most common POTS symptom is syncope or pre-syncope but not everyone w pots experienced syncope ! when i’m tachycardic i have a lot of chest pain and some shortness of breath

  • Wondercell


    One of the main symptoms is that your blood pressure and heart rate go up 30 digits when you change positions such as sitting up or standing up and usually your heart rate stays at around 140 or 150 until you sit back down. Another symptom can be migraines insomnia adrenal surges blood pooling and a whole list of other things chronic pain is also a symptom.

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