hi, I'm having trouble with anxiety, especially social anxiety right now. the last 3 jobs I've had I've been bullied, to the point I was trembling and had to lock myself in the office. I was mocked, taken advantage of and just straight up bullied and my Dr. said I shouldn't work but I have bills to pay and I I got denied for unemployment but I can't even try to start another job. everywhere I go, people bully me and I can't stand up for myself. I am scared (from PTSD) but I start shaking and I just can't speak up and I'm starting to get angry but the problem is I can't show my anger to people outside of my family and so I lash out at them. >_<

Social Anxiety

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  • LillianRose


    The very same things have happened to me, and it is so very hard to control v-v my best advice would be to try and journal, or get yourself a little stress ball to squeeze so you can release your anger on that

    • SlipknotMonkeyBrain


      a stress ball is a great idea! I got a punching bag but only used it twice :/ my downstairs neighbor got mad.

      • LillianRose


        i understand, sometimes you gotta let it all out ๐Ÿ’•

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