Is there anything I can do to prevent MCAS flare ups?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)


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  • StrongZebra85


    Have you seen an allergist for it? My allergist prescribed Singulair, Cimetidine twice a day, Xyxal and those have help me a lot. I also stay away from things I know I’ll have an allergic reaction to

  • Aur4996


    Avoiding triggers is the main thing…stress, high histamine foods, alcohol…you kind of have to learn your triggers and avoid them to have the best chance at avoiding a flare up.

  • SpoonieZone


    Keep a food journal and avoid any and all triggers. Also, carry an antihistamine and Epi Pen with you (if you’re prescribed one) at all times. If you haven’t seen an allergist, I highly recommend that you do to see if they can narrow down your allergies. Request skin and blood testing as both can produce different results. Also, wear a medical ID bracelet in case you can’t response after a reaction so medical response teams know your history.

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