I cannot use hormones and have gone from simple to complex hyperplasia in less than 5 years. I'm 39, no kids, two OBYGNs want me to get a hysterectomy. any coping things I can do against my biological clock?.

Endometrial Hyperplasia & Polyp

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  • Beithne


    🤗 Therapy. Hobbies. Distractions. I am infertile and nothing has actually stopped the ache, but there are distractions. And it dulls to tolerable. Occasionally I have a day where it wells up and I have a good cry. And I have my pets! And my husband is a great comfort.

    • Rebekah1213


      my boyfriend is 1200 miles away, I can't have pets in my location and all I can do is think of this.

      • Beithne


        I have days where nothing distracts me. The worst is when I wake up from a dream about babies. That sets the mood for my entire day. I would suggest therapy, but I can't even afford it myself so I don't expect others to be able to either. Have you joined any other support groups? I wish I had a magic wand and could take this from you 😞

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