anyone struggle with checking your BS on a regular basis? I struggle every day. how can I remember to try and check at least 4 times a day? I am trying to get a CGM but my insurance won't approve it until I'm checking at least 3-4 times a day for at least 30 days. any tips will be helpful, my life is crazy busy and I don't always have time (in witch I know I should) to check. Thanks

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Brooke.pilch


    I'm so sorry, I know it is hard. I am a type 1 as well. Getting a CGM changed my life and I got it through the affordable care act basically. I am from California and I know I am lucky to live in a place where they take care of diabetics. If you are uncomfortable, please don't answer this question, no worries at all! But, if you are, where are you from? Maybe I can help?

    • DAJM


      I am from Wisconsin, my main struggle is just checking consistently.

  • Branches


    What do you want to learn from this bloodsugar info? (Such as where your morning fasting bgs are and how that impacts how you feel (or to let them inform your breakfast food choices), how meals/stress impact your BG, where they are before bed, are out of range readings correlated with waking up in the middle of the night etc.) I wonder if clarifying your interests in this info (and even connecting your meter to an app that could graph your readings/help you easily compare day to day) might help make it more fun and automatic. Sorry if this isn't helpful though! I luckily haven't had to deal with that difficulty, since I'm a T1D who can't function when my BGs aren't in range (so before I got my CGM I tested first thing in the morning, last at night (and if I woke up), whenever I'm feeling at all off, before eating, exercise, going anywhere etc., which added up to around 9x/day hahaha). Best of luck!!

  • PineMarten


    Habit forming can be so difficult! Especially when it's something not very fun. Can you try pairing blood sugar checks with other daily activities so that it becomes more a part of your routine? E.g. keep your kit next to your bed so you can do a check right after waking up and another check right before bed. That's 2 checks out of the way. Maybe find something fun to pair with a blood sugar check. Like if you watch TV once a day, check while you're watching. I hope you get your CGM soon!

  • Laner


    I struggle with the same things! My insurance doesn’t want to pay for my CGM. I switched to freestyle Libra it’s cheaper and works well. I set reminders on my phone around times I tend to each. But I struggle too cuz I get so busy and don’t get time to even to do anything like check my BG or even eat most days

  • HisWillNotMine


    Not sure if you have a Costco in your area, but if so, they charge the same price for Freestyle Libre 2 sensors without insurance as Walgreens charges with insurance. I get my sensors at Costco (out of pocket-$75 for 2) and use my insurance for extra test strips from Walgreens

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