Tw trama,other people sexual assault ,death and suicide
My friend got sexual assault and she took her own life.I am still mad at her dad because he knew she won't tell and we won't.I hate him everyday he don't even care.I loved her more then he every did.She never get to drive or get married.He don't have guild I know it I wish he would go to jail.But there no proof so there nothing I can do.But I have guild and flashbacks of her death.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • roadrage


    I'm so sry. I deal w ptsd 4 multiple reasons. He should b in jail. Not trying 2 b funny but c if a talk show like Steve wilkos or the cops can talk him into a lie detector test. My brother is a child molester. No evidence bc of shitty ppl. May ur friend r.i.p

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