How do you best cope with your triggers? I've discovered that I can dissociate on cue as an escape.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • Metanoia


    I’ve been trying to do grounding techniques like tapping and concentrating on my breathing. It’s not always easy though. I’m also slowly doing exposure therapy. If I’m in a safe space or with someone I feel safe (and knows about that symptom). Then I will allow the dissociation to go through my body. I don’t fight it and tell my nervous symptom that I’m thankful that it’s working hard to protect myself. I then try to ask my body what am I protecting myself from. And go to the source of that trigger (although not always accomplished). Then I reassure my body and inner child “your safe, that loud sound was the door, it’s ok, let’s breath. Are there other emotions rising. It’s safe to express them” Then I express those emotions Then I go back to grounding and notice how my body is feeling. Basically I try to imagine how my therapist would walk me through an episode. Other times I will play with a fidget toy or use a relaxation app.

  • Lil_Dirty_Fern


    I have a million things I could say, however I have a podcast that I listen to that I think could say it better than I. If you get a chance, check out “Complex Trauma Recovery” by Kina Penelope on Spotify or YouTube. She is a licensed therapist currently, however when she made this podcast she was still in school. She has so much insight and honestly for me, just hearing her voice and the way she talks is calming in itself and helps ground me in this moment. She reminds me that it’s a safe space when her podcast is on. I hope this helps ❤️

  • funkymonkey222


    i’ve also been trying to use different grounding techniques. i like to sit, breathe, and imagine roots are growing from my spine into the earth keeping me grounded, and connected to myself and the earth. showering and focusing on the water hitting your head while plugging your ears helps me if i rly need a second. body movement that feels right for you can also help u break out of a “freeze” or funk

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