Is it common for alter to base names on video games, while not directly being that character? My alter and I chose names Haori & Susato from Gyakuten Saiban because, they are cute characters 😊 and I am not sure how common this is!

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • ProjectSys


    it definitely happens! though that hasn't happened in our system i've seen it be like that for other systems

  • CharlieCK


    yes! i have an alter who named herself after a fictional character, but she isnt that character at all

  • bonemarreaux


    Yep! We have a Sparrow alter (Fable II, a videogame) She kinda looks like her but is nothing like her at all nor does she have source memories. We also have an alter named Alice from Alice: Madness Returns who doesn't have source memories or look like her, but acts similarly and shares her name. I feel like alters can be "character flavored" as in, take inspiration but not fully envelope every aspect of that character. :)

  • chuuniverse


    thats definitely normal!! i personally take names i like from media just bc theyre funky :]

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