Do you ever feel like the moment you start doing any academic work a wave of severe fatigue rushes upon you and your eyes become heavy as your mind becomes foggy and you start to lose motivation while the anxiety of your future and the deadlines it holds begins to overwhelm you with a sense of impending and partially inevitable doom? And even caffeine, that magical drug, begins to lose its efficacy and all you can do is stare at the greek and wonder "why"...

acute lethargy

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • mysterygirl


    I had to study with a group. That got me thru Nursing school. Kept me from fogging out.

    • miju


      If only I had a group to study with :C hmm maybe ill pretend the strangers in starbucks r my group

      • mysterygirl


        try suggesting or posting it. Many auditory learners need to hear the info to stay engaged. It was just 3 of us but we did well and had fun.

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