i have chronic pain in my hip and back and it’s awful cause i am only 21 and it started when i was a preteen. i had three major scoliosis surgeries (spinal fusion) and i have extreme ptsd from the hospital and medical stuff. i get flashbacks all the time and i had my surgeries in 2015/2016 and ive been sad cause i wanted a sweet 16 and i had to spend it in the hospital with my mom ;~; i didnt have friends then cause i had to do virtual school but it still made me sad. i feel like my teen years were taken from me

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  • weirdestpotato


    I'm so sorry you have PTSD from hospitals. It must have been the worst experience for you, especially since you were still young enough for it to majorly affect you. I'm also 21 with a chronic back pain for about 6 years now. It makes me feel like such an old person to have my back be thrown out at least once a year. I have a few other physical health issues that make me feel like a young person in an old persons body. If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you

  • Kate88


    I can relate to you guys. Although it has only been a year for me, I feel that my chronic lower back/pelvic pain has taken away my youth. I am only 22 and I hate feeling like I can’t function like a normal person my age. It is truly devastating.

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