Need quick advise! So my rheumatologist said to again that this specific antibody RNP antibody is as a false negative. I’ve had this antibody test come back positive 3 times in 6 years! It’s never been negative. How do I discuss the feeling of “I don’t believe it’s actually a false positive” with my doctor before going somewhere else for a second opinion. I also realized that she doesn’t have the doctor notes and information from 2015 where the first test was positive. Should I send her that copy with a message?

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  • Kennel


    I would send the other test and explain your apprehension as three false positives seems less likely than a false negative and see if there are any factors that could have affected the results of the tests

    • JustRachelle


      I just sent a message to her with my concerns and attached it. I was worried about the tone of the message however I explained to her that the previous rheumatologist is basically what I’m second guessing.. especially since he was the one who reviewed the test results.. just from basic research you can tell what the diagnosis should have been when he saw the results.. and fibromyalgia isn’t it. 😞

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