i just got prescribed wellbutrin for the first time and i’m a little nervous to take it. has anyone had this medicine before? if so, what should i look for?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Hastingsnative_95


    I had extreme suicidal thoughts

  • mommawheels


    Do you feel that you are actually going to act on it or was it just a thought?

  • Cashuwu


    I took Wellbutrin for many months and it was decent (aka I didn’t have any negative experiences). It did give me more energy. Make sure you take it right when you wake up cause if you take it later it’ll keep you up at night.

  • exaustedeveryday


    Get help immediately

  • magalito


    sleep, energy, or appetite may show an improvement in the first week or two. depressed mood and motivation may take six to eight weeks to improve

  • Alberto


    I used to take it after Prozac hurt impaired my sexual function, and I saw an improvement from that side. As for the depression, I felt some improvement but not as I expected

  • sullybunny


    i take it in addition to lexapro and it’s the best i’ve felt in the five years since my diagnosis. i personally haven’t noticed any side effects, but that could be because i was already on lexapro and continue to take it along with wellbutrin.

  • ChronicallyRiley


    Wellbutrin + Zoloft has been the best combination of meds for me. It keeps my depression and anxiety at manageable levels.

  • Lunalover98


    I am currently on Wellbutrin and my doctor just increased my dosage and it's been very beneficial for me

  • Nightowl


    Wellbutrin has been my go to antidepressant for years. It levels my emotions, not as low but not as high either. When I'm on it I'm less irritable and often lose weight but that's me. The only major side effect that I'm aware of is lowered libido but not from personal experience.

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