im looking to learn more about adhd, but im scared its doing more harm than good. im currently on meds but i dont feel like theyre helping. im trying to become organized to help with this, but everything i try comes to a dead end. i know i need to keep pushing toward my goal, but im dealing with so much right now i dont know how to slow down my thoughts

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Acacia


    Remember its okay to struggle and just exist sometimes. Meds and mental health are hard, especially when our brains are just wired differently and we struggle to do what others may consider ‘normal’ or expected

  • abbz


    you’re doing your best! the sad truth is, adhd meds don’t all the sudden make you organized. something i’ve learned about having adhd is it’s at least twice as hard to learn how to organize! and don’t be afraid to go back to the beginning! you’re just really starting to learn a new skill! start with something really small and make it your goal to keep it as organized as you can! (it’s okay if it’s not perfect!) i personally like to only set *realistic goals* these days (much to my mothers dismay) meaning i set a goal to do my best ex. go to as many classes as i can and do as many assignments as i can as well as i can. not just get an a. it’s okay to be just okay ❤️ (sorry for the classically passionate adhd style response)

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