Other then medication and my breathing exercises what would I do to help my anxiety?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • PuddingStone


    A lot of therapists suggest yoga and exercise. (I haven't done either) Something that works for me is a physical action along side the breathing to help ground me. I firmly tap my chest rhythmically while I breathe. It really helps bring me back to the moment. I hope this helps 🙏

  • goobieboobie


    I have a couple aps, like calm is A really good one. I hold my crystals and meditate using one of my meditation apps.

  • Jules26


    Meditation is KEY! I kind of thought it was bs for a lot of my life, but now I use headspace every night. It helps immensely. Also, if you’re ever in a panic, there is a song called “weightless” that actually slows your heart rate. I turn it on anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed

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