I hadn’t had to many seizures lately then I started having bad ones again

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure


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  • Boo1964


    Has anything changed in your lifestyle or sleeping disorders?

  • EpilepsySux


    Caffeine is a trigger. Check your diet and eliminate as much caffine as you can.

  • SMX


    That’s so scary, I’m so sorry to hear it. Do you get one particular type of seizure or several kinds?

  • Thop


    I have epileptic and non-epileptic so I have the worse kind I can have many different kinds

  • stitchtastic


    I have been an epileptic pretty much my entire life don't a TBI in utero so I speak from experience . Take a moment and think if you have any new stresses in your life, have you been getting enough sleep and a big one your hormones if it's that time of the month or you have some type of hormone Flux it can effect the frequency and severity of your seizures

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