hi! I'm new here and am really nervous about this because it's really hard for me to talk with people but therapy recommended me give you a try! so lets see how this goes. 😅😅

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Social Anxiety

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  • Frances92


    Welcome! This is a good app where you find others like yourself and helps you feel not alone ❤️

    • Sunflower_47


      thank you ☺, I really hope so. 😅

  • kieanne


    reaching out is good! breaking out of your shell a bit more 💗 i have social anxiety and whenever it comes to talking face to face with someone about anything slightly personal, my voice box goes on mute. but texting and writing has always been a much easier way for me to talk. so i hope this helps you like it has for me. i really do love this app 💗

  • You_will_be0kay


    Welcome to the app😊 it’s amazing you are reaching out! That is so brave and awesome!

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