does anybody else get weirded out by their personalities? like its like im a completely different person when im super depressed. i lose all motivation to live so i stop being nice to my friends and i stop thinking before i speak. its so strange. im a completely different person day to day. i wish i could be the level of content i am right now more often.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • themajesticaaron


    I don't exactly get weirded out by them. It's more of they stress me out, as they can be random and sporadic. I learned that deep breathing meditation helps calm me down when I feel out of control. Have patience with yourself and when you feel as if your mood is changing and you don't understand why. Take the time to sit down and jsut breathe and ask yourself "why am I feeling this", "is there a valid reason to be acting like this"

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