How do you guys build up your self esteem / self compassion?

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  • Mynt


    i believe that it is harder to have emotional wellness if you do not have physical wellness first. i try to do some self care (showering, moisturizing, exercise, etc.) i notice i have better self esteem when i am clean at the very least. then when you are in good habits physically you can work on mental strength. at least one unique compliment about yourself each day (multiple if you feel like it) and try to affirm that compliment throughout the day. see a mirror? tell yourself your compliment. bored at work/in class? compliment. feel bad about yourself? compliment. you see where im going. if it helps you can ask friends to tell you good things about yourself when you seem sad/when you want to hear it. i hope this helps some

  • JJ_123


    Someone said this to me once, and I try to tel myself every day: We do what we can with what we have. It helps me be compassionate when I can't do exactly what I planned or what someone else expects all the time

  • elvie


    self compassion is so important, and it can be difficult too. i try imagining having the same compassion for myself as i do for my friends/family. when i was in treatment and started beating myself up over still struggling w certain behaviors, my therapist said “imagine if one of the younger kids came up to you and started saying these things bc they had a behavior. what would you do?” that was such a perspective shift for me.

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