Hi I’m 17 and I saw this app on my Instagram feed hahaha. I’ve had anxiety for my whole life and I have depression too but I just recently asked my parents for help. So I started therapy like a month ago. Just in here to talk to people.


Panic Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • CaptainHolmes


    Welcome! Glad youre reaching out for support :) I hope to start therapy soon too. Im on a waiting list.

    • Atay


      thank you so much, I hope therapy goes well! It actually is helping me very much.

  • itsnotmefr


    that's great to hear!! Asking for help is already a big step in the right direction, I wish you the best in your mental health journey !! ♡

  • bugger


    I hope the therapy goes well for you! I've been going for around a year now and the sessions help me a lot. Proud of you for taking a step to help yourself

    • Atay


      thank you so much 🤗 very sweet of you, and they are going good so far!

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