I know that there is a lot to be said for having gratitude, but there are some days when I hurt so bad, that I have no energy to care about anything else. I tried to cover it up or blow it off as if it’s not affecting me, but then at the end of the day all I want to do is sit in the dark and cry, which makes me hurt more.
Sometimes hope it is all I need to push me through. And other times I am grateful that life is not eternal. Knowing that one day the pain will be over does give me some comfort. But today, I don’t need help, but inspiration.

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  • Sunshine_Sue


    Hi I’m Sue, I have days when all I do is cry. I feel like that’s a healthy way to express how I feel. Pain is no joke. I also try to be grateful but like you said some day I just can’t.

    • Heidi_M


      I do try very hard. But I never feel like I’m getting anywhere. I worked so hard to get my education, and now I can’t use it. I thought being smart would overshine my being disabled, But it hasn’t. I want to be remembered for something, I want to do something that makes a difference. Am I wrong for this?

      • Sunshine_Sue


        you are not wrong for wanting that. I didn’t get an education beyond 12th grade. You can be remember for your kind heart and your love. I don’t know if you have a family of your own or just siblings and parents but I look at my boys and I see how they turned out despite the fact that I had a lot of mental issues and constant pain when they were little. I definitely would not win the best parent award but they love me all the same. They love me through the pain. I have a child that has Autism and other mental issues. He is constantly telling my how great I am as a mother. Today is a very bad pain day for me. I have had to lay in bed most of the day but I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better. Even if it’s not. I still tell myself that. I believe in God and he helps me through the rough days. I know he has a plan for me. One day I will Realize what that plan is.

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