Manic and lots of anxiety! Emailed my psychiatrist. She is changing a med. I don’t know what med she is replacing it with and if that’s all. I am very on edge right now. But I need help as I am not sleeping well.

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  • David1212


    I think you should trust your psychiatrist who will know how to prescribe you the right drugs and the right dose. She knows you best and your history and will know how to help you. If you still feel unsure, you can always go to the hospital and ask to see the psychiatrist on duty.

    • Teardrops


      my psychiatrist has never met me in person. Just telehealth appointments. It’s been a week and I still not sleeping well. The other part of not sleeping well is that I have chronic pain. And on top of that now am having night sweats. I don’t want to see a psychiatrist on call. It’s a long wait in the ER. 6-8 hours.

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