How do you deal with drs being extremely dismissive and rude?
I recently got the courage to talk to my PCP about my severe joint pain that had been previously dismissed by my last dr I had and was told I have chronic pain and was referred to my hospitals pain clinic because she thought it was the best next steps. My first visit was really sketchy he wouldn’t look me I’m the eyes he’d cut me off and was really cold, he even told me it was my choice if I became disabled or not and it was really offensive because I can’t control my pain or the severity of it, well it ended with a referral to PT and a rheumatologist. So I waiting about a month or so to get an appointment with my rheumatologist (a super nice dr) he diagnosed me with hyper mobility, chronic pain, and beginning stages of arthritis in certain joints due to chronic dislocation over the years and that’s why I hurt so bad. Well I went back to the pain specialist because the rheumatologist said there wasn’t much he could personally do at his office for me, and the pain specialist told me I was lying and obviously it wasn’t that bad or I would’ve been in the ER for my dislocations and it’s all in my head that I should just not think about it and I’ll be fine. I tired getting a new referral for somewhere else but got a referral to the same office again.. I’m at a loss and I don’t know what to do I’m burnt out and in pain and I just want a dr to listen and try to help for once…

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  • Glow


    I'm so sorry that has happened to you

  • K.Darby


    I would try to switch to a different doctor and if possible report this one. Doctors are supposed to work a certain way and this isn’t it. Because he is refusing to treat conditions you’ve actively been diagnosed with, you’d be in the right.

  • LaurElizabeth


    I would try to Req a different pain specialist or go to a new place- that’s terrible 😥 I am so sorry that happened! I have had similar experiences and it’s so frustrating and you deserve the help!

  • Rissy


    I have been experiencing the same thing for the past several years. All I can suggest is to keep seeking a better dr. I hope we both can find a good one very soon 🤍

  • Izzybee


    Thank you everyone for your kindness and kind words. To everyone who’s experienced stuff like this I’m so sorry you have to know this pain. Thank you all for the little bit of strength you’ve given me. I’m going to try and see about getting a new specialist who will take me seriously, thank you all so much! I appreciate you all so much ❤️

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Find a new doctor. That doctor seems to forget that they are working for you. You can get a different specialist in the same clinic. Not everyone can get in the ER with the pandemic still running around. Meet with your PCP and find a new specialist because after all you been through, you deserve it. You are valid. Your pain is valid. You deserve to be heard.

  • gmr1959


    I would insist on getting referred to another office and would tell them right off what has been going on and how you are struggling and need help because you can’t live like this any longer. I don’t know if this will help but it’s worth a try.

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